A dynamic online community for women in design with a small business and big ambitions.

Running a design business is a great thing. You’re the boss of you (and maybe a few others), you’ve got great clients with interesting projects, and your schedule allows more flexibility than a nine to five.


You often find yourself stuck in the muck and the mire of day to day tasks. When the work piles up, you hunker down and power through. This works for a little while, but eventually you realize you’ve lost sight of the big picture and you’re totally isolated.

How can you guide your business in the direction you want to go and still get the day-to-day work done? How can you feel connected without a lot of extra effort? When you need resources quickly, where do you turn? And where do you go for a little support and encouragement?

SPARK combines the buzz and resources of an online community with the ability to hold quiet, deeper discussions in mini-groups. Through gathering other kind and kindred souls facing similar struggles, whisking together their collective knowledge and know-how into resources and insight, and serving up high-fives immediately upon request, SPARK is all about giving you enough oxygen to ignite and providing enough traction to create momentum.

This isn’t your average online community

As a combination online community, mastermind group, and live chat — SPARK use the best elements of each and adds a few twists. It is vibrant. It is dynamic. And most of all, it is meaningful.

Code of Conduct
NOTE: We believe very strongly in creating a fantastic and safe space for all members to learn, explore, and grow. All those who join are actively agreeing to this code of conduct. Harassment and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and any individuals engaging in such behavior will have their membership immediately revoked without refund.

Photo of Deb Pang Davis

SPARK allows me to share designs, ideas, struggles and more without fear. I feel empowered.” ~ Deb Pang Davis

Open for Applications

  • Application required / limited growth
    We’re growing slowly and intentionally, one person at a time. Applicants will be reviewed on an ongoing basis but only one will be accepted per week, maximum.

  • Live + dynamic conversation
    Unlike typical online communities, the platform SPARK utilizes captures the energy of instant dialogue.

  • Monthly topic + weekly discussions
    Weekly discussions are facilitated and are based on the chosen monthly topic. Discussions bring everyone together to share ideas and resources.

  • Small groups of 5-7
    Formed around shared goals, small groups (which are optional) provide a quieter space for sharing.

  • Tap into an abundance of resources
    Collective knowledge and know-how affords you a rich and diverse resource at your fingertips.

  • The Buddy System For those who desire an accountability partner, we'll help you get matched up.

  • Diversity encouraged & desired We welcome a wide range of ages, races, lifestyles, gender identities, nationalities, etc.

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(It won't be the same without you!)